About Aura Products

Aura Products has an extensive team of experienced staff who know and understand the demands required by the cosmetic and beauty industry.

We continue to expand our already extensive range of Natural Exfoliants by exploring and sourcing new possibilities of sustainable supplies throughout the world.

Most materials are available in several grades: Coarse, Medium, Fine and Extra Fine. If we do not have a particle distribution within our portfolio we can potentially have a grade specifically manufactured on a bespoke basis.

Our offices and warehouses are based in Middlewich, Cheshire UK, where all our materials are received into. We screen and repack to our customer’s requirement and specification. After this process we are able to offer an irradiation service if required.

We are able to pack into paper or poly sacks, buckets or tubs.

All our materials are Produced By Nature and are Naturally Occurring. Colours and natural chemical composition may vary from batch to batch.