Aura Products provides and supplies an extensive portfolio of Natural Exfoliation Materials sourced from around the World. Our customers incorporate them into a wide variety of products within industrial and cosmetic products.  These include hand soaps, as well as face, body and foot scrubs for exfoliation.

Our customers are looking for natural, biodegradable and sustainable media primarily as an alternative to the increasingly unfashionable – Poly Bead. The team at Aura Products have a great deal of experience in the sourcing, grading and processing of these Natural Ingredients.


These are natural products produced by nature.

We currently provide most of our materials in 3 specific grades: 16.30 (Coarse), 25.52 (Medium) and 40.100 (Fine). Coarser and Finer Grades are available on request. We are able to provide materials (Natural or Irradiated) in a variety of packaging configurations.

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